Updating a land patent

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The Supreme Court has consistently ruled against the taking of these lands for debt, which includes foreclosures, and even unpaid taxes in that there were no land taxes back then, however, I believe in supporting our local and county governments with our taxes.

We reach this conclusion because a 1987 amendment to RCW 6.13.070 clarifies that the homestead exemption extends only to "debts of the owner." Our Supreme Court has previously held that debts for unpaid real property taxes attach to the land, and do not become personal debts of the owner.�A patent for land is the highest evidence of title and is conclusive as evidence against the government and all claiming under junior patents or titles.� United States v. And for more than 80 years the government has been tight-lipped about sharing this information with you (I wonder why? If you have a Warranty Deed in your name (containing the legal description of your property) and a surveyor�s/plat map of your property, you can patent your land, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A MORTGAGE on your property. A Warranty Deed cannot stand against a Land Patent. The patent stood supreme even against California�s Constitution.The information set forth herein is purely educational and informative in nature and does not constitute professional, legal, tax or other advice. �A grant of land (Land Patent) is a public law standing on the statue books of the State, and is notice to every subsequent purchaser under any conflicting sale made afterward.� Wineman v. Land CANNOT be taken for debt or taxes, but Real Estate CAN BE. By definition: ��Land� is not restricted to the earth�s surface, but extends below and above the surface.The legislative history accompanying that amendment explains that the bill was intended to clarify that the homestead is not exempt from real estate taxes and assessments.Our answer to your second question makes it unnecessary to address your third question.

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