Ouran dating sim game online promoting safe dating handout

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Ouran dating sim game online

offered up a “first-person narrative” experience with a male protagonist and three different girls.Essentially, it was meant to simulate playing a dating sim game where the protagonist interacts with a “harem” of potential love interests.Your bird classmates and teachers are all different flavors of magical anime boy archetypes.

Just think of is as the academy's elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful...

He’s still annoying, but I found his segments the most engaging.

None of these characters were really like the suitors I’d normally choose in otome games (dating sim games aimed a women with a female protagonist) or any other dating sim, for that matter, but I can see how some viewers would be intrigued by the attention shown to them by this group of pretty boys.

But for studious Haruhi Fujioka, education is a privilege that must be earned, being on scholarship and out of place among the moneyed. There's only one problem: Haru-he is actually a Haru-she!

That is until the day Haruhi stumbles upon the Host Club, a stumble which leaves the freshman indebted for millions of yen. As a member of the Host Club, it's all about keeping the ladies happy.

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