Are jasmine v and young jinsu dating

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Are jasmine v and young jinsu dating

Didn’t mean it she finally speaks out Now for all of us who had been waiting for didn’t mean it to come out were shocked when we seen the video it was about her abusive relationship i really didn’t to see that .

At the start of the video it shows a real clip of young Jinsu dragging Jasmine by the hair just because she didn’t answer the door on time and beating her as she’s screaming stop .

Age: 23 (12/7/1993)Occupation: Music - Singer "I was always into very androgynous things.

let me fill you in jasmine is a young female upcoming artist twitter you tube and so many love her she has over 80 Million viewers she is a very lovely bubbly person all the time has meet and greets with her fans she has a huge fan base each one of them stick by her when she finally came out and told us all about her story we were shocked i even cried If you not familiar with the story of Jasmine v.

Está vendo esse gif da Jasmine com a cabeça machucada? Jasmine ainda disse que Deus tinha mandado um anjo, porque até hoje ela nunca mais viu aquele vizinho.

At the age of 16, she was then signed to Sony Music.

It’s not easy to get out of an abusive relationship didn’t mean it has to be the best song and video of all time why because it’s a true story yes didn’t mean it it is based on what jinsu did to jasmine.

About her abuse you wanna know let me tell you Now as happy as this young couple looked little did we know he seemed like the perfect guy most girls said i want a relationship like Jasmine and Jinsu there so cute but behind everything he was controlling and abusive.

This 23 years old American singer is one of the most popular performers who are too much rich also.

In such a young age she captured $ 3 million assets just by from her singing and acting career.

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It is just eight years of career journey but she achieved a lot from her career journey. Not as a career but she professionally performed first time by sang the national anthem for the Los Angeles Clippers. She gained the worldwide recognition by appearing on the Justin Bieber Music video.