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" We can meet Brian K Vaughan and get our cosplay on Mc chris has a show tonight Maybe the kids in attendance can confirm that I'm outta sight But I'm hoping you can see that for yourself by now 'Cause you make me say wow, you should take a bow 'Cause in my heart it seems you're gonna be a resident Owning all control, got more power than the president I really love your hair and the way your eyes are blazing You ask if you're becomin' my new wonderfulamazing And I don't know how to answer that, got red on my face 'Cause now it's 1am and now we're going over to my place, hey!

Hey girl let me take you on a dork date We'll hit the comic shop baby and it'll be great Making you feel good is my goal Having so much fun I don't wanna go home, no Hey baby lemme take you on a dork date Ya never know, I just might end up your soul mate Smile on your face is at the top of my plans My chubby cheeks lightin' up every time we hold hands And I'm feeling it. We're on my bed, watching BSG, just me and you And I'm thinking of all the things I'd like to do with you Yo I get all excited when ya say that you like View Askew And you like the posters covering the plaster I try to take it slow and avoid a disaster But I can't help that my heart just keeps on beating faster and faster I'm feeling harder than the later levels of Blaster Master You look me in eyes and gimme a little wiggle Ya say you like my smile I say I like the way you giggle And then I feel your lips on mine Hope the night don't end.

I got a stylist named Erica And I get a great rate yo cause she’s my mother’s sister She’d love you in a second you should really come and meet her Ignore the voice in your head, just listen to Beef A silly night of adventure and it’s all on me So here’s my cell, gimme a call when you’re done with school Oh and you don’t have a boyfriend right? Read this list of 50 cute and sexy things guys do that girls love, and you. S guide to the world of online dating or what some might affectionately call. One side has the word, one side has the definition. We know it’s a stereotype, but sometimes women pine after the rebellious cool guy, the one that mothers hate and girlfriends envy. Cool, the undiscovered nerd is standing in the shadows waiting to be noticed. We’re referring to that bespeckled guy that you overlooked so many years ago because he wasn’t cool.Well, brace yourself for revenge of the nerds, because this soft-spoken loner is smart, sincere and will genuinely be nice to you.

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Language: Moderate number of profanity words and some crude humor. Off screen/page fade to black sexual intimacy mentioned, but not shown. Dating on the Dork Side is a quick and hilarious read about what happens when one of the smartest girls in school stumbles upon a website that just happens to be all about the girls in her school - and not in a good way. The jocks are the kings of the kingdom and the cheerleaders, pom squad and other popular gi Oh, the ins and outs of dating and high school.

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