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We’ve given you guys a lot of date ideas through the years, and while all of those ideas definitely made you look good, they weren’t totally FREE. Yeah, it may seem like a tourist activity, but so long as you choose the right show (many, many of which are available at, it can also be a killer date. Jimmy Kimmel often has big bands play full sets at his outdoor stage -- for free. Though sitcom tapings can be laborious, they’re also, uh, free. Yeah, Though there’s a cost to get in early in the day, LACMA is free every day after 3pm, which means you can explore more than just the street lamps outside.

And that’s exactly why we put this together: a list of 15 LA date ideas that won’t cost you a dime. Show off your art smarts by pointing out the Picasso.

Despite having multiple suspensions and run-ins with the law as a teen, Newton began to take his education seriously, finding inspiration when his older brother Melvin earned a masters in social work.

Although Newton graduated high school in 1959, he was considered barely literate.

The youngest of seven siblings, he and his family moved to Oakland, California when Newton was a toddler.

Though later stating he was close to his family, the youngster had a difficult time early in life, which was reflected in highly erratic behavior at school and on the streets.

With more than 500 vendors, you’ll have ample opportunity to stumble upon your secret obsessions, collections, and stories from your childhood, which are great ways to better get to know a date and decide if a shared love of Milli Vanilli’s remix album is a make or a break. For sure.) There are sooo many killer hike dates in LA, and thankfully, we’ve got a list of the best secret ones for you, which includes hiking to NAZI RUINS (!!! ) so you can prove that you not only exercise but know about off-the-radar stuff as well. Maybe the quintessential free LA date, but no less excellent: free outdoor movies run almost year-round from a ton of different promoters, including Front Porch Cinema, who this year is running free movies (including This one is seasonal: around the holidays, an eight-block section of Woodland Hills does it up for Chrismukkah, and we mean DO IT UP; every single house is festooned with crazy lights, figures in the yard, the whole shebang.

Whether you’re going ironically or not, this much is true: traffic is at a near standstill, which means plenty of time for adult fooling-around in between kid-like "ooh"s and "ah"s.

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And of course, there’s Hollywood Forever, which isn’t just a place to watch movie screenings: Johnny Ramone, Bugsy Siegel, and voice-of-Bugs Bunny Mel Blanc (whose tombstone actually says “That’s All Folks”) are all there. The Rose Bowl Flea Market may be the most famous game in town, but it has an entrance fee of $8-$20 per person, so that’s a no-go.

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