Updating madden 09 rosters xbox 360

Posted by / 19-Aug-2017 02:20

Updating madden 09 rosters xbox 360

No, I’m not talking about Michael Vick, I am talking about Brett Favre.

I will tell you how to get Brett Favre, Michael Vick, and updated rosters for Madden 10.

The PS2 and the Xbox 360 versions fared much better, netting 160K and 928K sales, respectively.EA Sports updated Madden NFL 12 roster according to the start of the regular season.The update is now available for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Kerry Collins at Colts, David Garrard release and other signings, cuts, trades as well as jersey number changes.This includes out of game bits, but also the playbook in-game, where sometimes you'd pick a play and the game would freeze for a bit, long enough to leave you wondering if you have to get up and reset the thing (never did, to its slim credit) and often enough that making it part of a drinking game would be hazardous.I'm mostly sorry I couldn't have had this up for launch last week and saved some people who read the positive reviews of from buying a junky, janky and inferior version.

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